Guide to protocols: Food Services.

We put together a summary on the basic protocols to follow concerning food services.

We suggest you refer to the full documents but bear in mind that these provisions were written for large hotel complexes as well as small places. Read it in that context and be practical. Apply what works in your situation. What you’re trying to avoid is people touching the same items other people have just used, or for example, touching uncovered food on a breakfast buffet with hands (e.g. muffins).

Read the full TBCSA (Tourism Industry Standard Protocols) documents here:

Your food/drink offering:

  • Buffets should be discontinued if possible.
  • Limit all self-service stations or have a staff member serve guests at it.
  • Menus must be replaced with non-touch options or sanitised after each guest use.
  • Tables must be sanitised before and after each guest use.
  • Where possible waiting staff must stand at least a meter away from tables.
  • Clearing and cleaning systems must be implemented with designated containers for different items cleared, and sealable refuse containers for food waste.

Your dining area:

  • Tables should be spaced out at least 1.5m apart for social distancing.
  • Remove as much as possible from tables (like tablecloths), and only leave items like  salt and pepper.
  • Consider a reservations system for your dining area so you can better control the numbers.

Your kitchen:

  • To ensure 1.5m spacing throughout, you might consider less staff and a simpler menu offering.
  • Equipment must be sanitised frequently using surface sanitisers (handles, knobs, dials, switches and static equipment) and utensils, pots and pans, and receptacles, should undergo more frequent hot washing.
  • Kitchen equipment and guest crockery and cutlery should be washed separately.
  • The exteriors of any packaged food item, not completely used up, and of all containers of food, should be sanitised with wipes after each use.
  • Use the warmest heat setting when washing dishes in a dishwasher.
  • Fumigators and/or ozonators can be used to deep clean kitchen areas and storage areas from time to time.
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