Link your availability and rates to Google Hotels, for FREE.

NightsBridge makes it possible to link your property’s direct booking rates and availability to your Google Hotels search listing. For no extra charge you’ll get:

  • A direct connection to Google with the best rate coverage and real time prices
  • A click-through link to your NightsBridge booking form
  • More direct bookings, where you can control the guests experience and data

How it works.

This new listing feature is immediately available to any property that fits into the category of ‘Hotel’, as defined by Google. That means properties with a front desk, on-site staff, and who can take walk-in customers. NightsBridge clients in this category, who have a verified Google My Business Profile, will be linked to Google free of charge.

Once linked, their Google Hotels search listing will display up-to-date rates and provide a click-through link to their NightsBridge booking form. There will be no commission on the bookings made using this link.

Direct bookings from Google at no extra cost!

To find out more about linking your property to Google Hotels contact NightsBridge today.

We believe that your booking system is the best system with the best staff, who always gives us fantastic support and is just a phone call away. NightsBridge has taken away a lot of the many admin functions from us and we can devote our full attention to our guests and business.

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