Spring-clean your website.

While bookings from your online travel agents might be the mainstay for your business, nothing beats a commission-free direct booking from your own site.

At your B&B, we know you weed the garden and maintain the building to make the best impression to guests. Do the same for your website to increase direct bookings!

  1. Update your photos if they’re looking a bit old and tired (or small). Professional photos are the best investment you can make.
  2. Add to your content. Do you clearly describe — on the front page — which town you’re in and which attractions or places of interest you’re close to? Put yourself in the guest’s shoes and ask yourself if all the information is clear when looking at your own website.
  3. Write about events or attractions in your area. If you do this regularly via a blog, it’s a quick way to ensure your website presents fresh information to the search engines. This is good news for you on Google!
  4. Display your reviews.
    Reviews from previous guests are reassuring to people who don’t know your property or your area. Make your reviews visible by adding a TripAdvisor review widget to your website. Let us help encourage your guest to write a review about their stay with an automated reminder.
  5. Do the test. Go on! Have a look at your own website from your phone or tablet to see if all the information and photos are displayed correctly as most people today use these devices to go onto the internet.

On the topic of spring…have you heard about our website-building partner Springnest? They offer an all-in-one website solution to get your website looking great for the season ahead, as well as saving you time by linking your website blog to all your social media channels.

Find them on your NightsBridge Links Manager (in Owner’s Login).

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