Quick win: Update your photographs.

There is no doubt that quality images increase the flow of visitors to your website, and can lead to higher conversion from your booking form. Which makes having updated and high quality photos something that should be very high on your priority list!

For quick updates, we’ve made it a lot easier for NightsBridge clients to add new images to their NightsBridge Booking Forms (booking button) on their own websites.  Either take and upload pics straight from the NightsBridge app on your phone, or add them from your computer with the new Image Uploader in your Webview (find it under the Web Info tab).

Keep the following in mind when planning or taking these photographs:

Humans are visual creatures.

The average website visit is only 20 seconds before someone moves on to the next.  To engage your visitor for longer than that, your photography should tell a story. Use it in clever ways to show the true picture of a stay at your guest house.

We know that the most striking features of an establishment are often a spectacular sunrise or sunset from a balcony or garden. Make use of these scenes and show how you fulfil the needs of your target market with your kid-friendly garden or close proximity to amenities in your area.’

Show potential guests what happens daily.

Great images can showcase the personal side of your business because humans enjoy seeing people in photographs.

Show off your team on duty with views in the background, or a short video to replicate what your guests will experience.

Use images to introduce potential guests to the beauty of the outdoors with adventures like star gazing from your deck, secret beach walks nearby, game drives, or mountain trails.

Get creative.

Imagine spending your honeymoon in your own guest house. Would you prefer champagne and canapés on arrival, cushions and blankets at the fireplace, or a breakfast tray in bed?

Style your rooms with zest and de-clutter to enhance the tones and textures of the décor.

Use natural lighting to feature open spaces, and dimmer switches to avoid excessive brightness after dark. A good image of soft touches like a burning fireplace with a wine tray at hand creates the promise of relaxation and fun.

Technical know-how.

Plan before you brief your photographer and have a list of specifications to outline your likes and dislikes. Download and print our handy PDF to help you plan the shots you need to take.

Ask questions about preparation, cost, and how much time is needed from the shoot to publication.

Look at how similar properties in your area approach their photography. It helps to sharpen the quality of your images with good styling, angles, lighting, and resolution. Be adventurous and explore your editing skills with easy software that can be downloaded onto your phone or computer to help.

If you choose to take your pics on your mobile phone, the smartphone photography tips PDF from Expedia offers lots of super tips to make them stand out from the rest.

Remember to make the best of your 20 seconds!

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