Is your room guest-ready?

You might think you know which aspects of your room will put a smile on your guest’s face. But have you thought about the little details that can make yours stand out from all the others?

We’ve put together some guidelines for you to make sure your guests do not need to ask for anything that is not available in their room.

Try it out yourself

Treat yourself to a sleepover and invite your trusted friends to do the same. Put on your guest’s shoes as you feel the heartbeat of every room. Think about your first impressions, put together a checklist, and decide what to add or remove from the room.

Luggage rack

Who wants to spoil a beautifully made-up bed when you have easy access to a stowing rack?


There’s no doubt that a high-speed WiFi connection will be an amazing perk to offer so test it regularly and at different times of the day. Make sure that all electrical connections, the television set and remote controls all work. Can device chargers be reached comfortably without tripping over wires?

Warm it up

Test the room temperature when it’s freezing outside. Are there any drafts or windows that need sealing off? Make sure that wall heaters and fireplaces are in working order to create a home away from home experience. Does the room invite a cosy night in with luxury bedding, like a soft brushed flat sheet, an extra fluffy blanket with a hot water bottle, or gown and slippers nearby?


A bright room by day and dimmer switch by night add to a relaxed ambience. Check every light bulb and switch in the room. Test the moving mechanisms of blinds and curtains to ensure that runners move smoothly, and that drawstrings are untangled. Does it block out the glare from a streetlight or early morning sun?


Add alternative choices like non-alcoholic wine and beer to enjoy in polished glasses. Stock the fridge with healthy snacks like olives, nuts, biltong, or dried fruit, and offer a cold snack platter if guests are due later in the evening.

Tea and coffee caddy

There’s nothing quite like a squeaky-clean tray with everything fresh and nothing stale on it. Check the inside of your kettle to avoid a murky substance in a cup first thing in the morning!

Bathroom and cupboards

Don’t we all love soft, stain-free towels and eco-friendly toiletries in a well-ventilated bathroom?

Take the sting out of unpacking with extra hangers, fill clean shelves with fresh blankets, a table-top ironing board with iron, and quality hairdryer.

Sticky locks and sliding doors

Prevent doors and keys from getting stuck by lubricating opening and sliding mechanisms.

 A guest of Liz at Lancaster left this glowing Facebook review on how they managed to get it spot on!

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