Doing Instagram right: Beachcombers B&B.

If you already have a property page on Instagram, we wanted to show you how some great ideas from Beachcombers B&B to promote what you can offer.  If you’re not sure about using Instagram yet, take a look at this previous post.

Share pics of you with your guests.

Pose for a photograph in front of one of the features at your property and tag in guest’s usernames if you have it.

Make it personal — mention something specific to them. In this case, Claudette noted that Jan & Lidia were visiting for the 4th time. (Return guests are a great marketing tool!)

They will be most likely to share this with their networks and your name will appear in the feeds of friends and family.

You are allowed to brag.

If you received an impressive rating or an award from a booking channel, add this to your Instagram feed.

(Make sure these are recent though – things could have changed a lot since you got a compliment in 2002, for example.)

Add a photograph of a guest review from your guest book or repost a screenshot of happy client feedback on Facebook.

Any interesting visitors?

Tell your followers about surprise pop-ins from furry or not-so-furry friends.

Positive feedback followed on a post about a baby puffadder relocated to a safer spot.

 A-Day-In-My-Life posts.

We all get struck down by a cold now and then. Here, Beachcombers shared a traditional remedy for this by using a herb growing in the area. This combines a personal touch with a top tip using a local product.

What else happens in your day?  Show your guests having breakfast or about to carry on with their journey.  Invite your followers along through your day. Even when you take a breather with a lovely view.

Show off your property, but also the area around it.

By all means, post your best property pictures.  Or a video about the weaver families hard at work in the tree outside. But also market your surroundings — most of your potential guests will search for things to see and do before looking for a spot to stay.

Post a video of you exploring a nearby attraction.  Show guests what they’ll see on their stroll next to the ocean. Market the location to attract visitors to it first.

Last, but not least, why not add your NightsBridge booking form link to your Instagram profile? Make it easy for lookers to become bookers. Please also follow NightsBridge on Instagram.

We thank Beachcombers B&B for permission to use examples from their profile.
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