Beat the blackout — tips for dealing with load shedding.

Seems like load shedding is here to stay for now. How do you cope with this inconvenience when you have guests to keep happy?

Don’t worry — NightsBridge is still up and running.

We will continue to operate as normal through all load shedding schedules.

— Your property can still be booked in the time your power is down. You’ll see these new bookings as soon as you log back in or synchronise.
— OR download the NightsBridge app to check from your phone.
— If your cellular network is also not playing along, you can phone us to help add manual bookings to block availability.
— Our Cape Town office runs on generators and we will have staff available to help you throughout season. Feel free to call or use our online TAWK facility.

Plan ahead.

— Have the schedule for your area at hand.
— Invest in a few solar lights for your garden, and a few battery-powered LED lights inside. A head torch or gas lamp can also come in handy.
— Make sure your cell phone is charged and have a power bank or two ready as backup.
— Check that you have keys for gates and entrances that usually work on electricity, or that they have back-up batteries.
— Turn off your computer before the power goes down to make sure it doesn’t get damaged by power surges.

Food & entertainment.

— By cooking with gas or hosting a barbecue you can still serve breakfast or dinner.
— Add a load shedding survival kit to your rooms– include matches, candles or a torch and maybe something to read or games to keep guests entertained.
— Fill flasks with boiling water before your slot so a warm cup of coffee or tea is still available.
— Try not to open or close your fridge or freezer too regularly to preserve products inside.
Let us know if you have more tips to share?

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