5 ways to keep your Booking.com listing fresh.

Ready to tackle the next OTA (Online Travel Agency) in our quest to make the most of your listings? This week we take a look at a few recommendations for Booking.com.

1. Keep your photos fresh

It’s important to keep your gallery of photos looking professional – and fresh. This doesn’t mean you have to add a new photo every week (you want them all to be great photographs). It can be as simple as changing your main photo every week or two, so that potential guests get to see a variety of images, in line with any current promotions or themes. Also look at the trends of when you receive bookings and ensure you’re featuring the right images for your potential guests. If your target market is European and booking their summer holiday six months before, don’t only have cosy winter fireside pics.

2. Set up automatic replies to guests

Booking.com encourages automatic replies, either directly on the Booking.com website or on the Booking.com Pulse app. You can set up replies specifically for:

•    Responding to guest bookings.
•    Giving information about parking requests.
•    Answering questions about check-in and check-out times.

3. For all other replies, use the NightsBridge Owner’s Login

If you receive a request that can’t be answered by the automatic replies, you can respond directly to the guest request through your NightsBridge Owner’s Login (Web view). Using the Booking.com email address to reply to guest requests could result in their system not picking up that you’ve replied at all, which would decrease your ranking on their site.

4. Consider joining the Genius program

Booking.com’s Genius program is a great idea for many accommodation owners. Genius guests travel more often, book further in advance and spend more when booking. If you join the Genius program, Booking.com increases your visibility to these guests. The catch? You have to offer them exclusive benefits, including a 10% discount on your best-selling room – and other perks if you choose. Find out all you need to know about the Genius program here.

5. Check in every week

Even if all you do is check for updates and shuffle the order of your photos, checking into your Booking.com profile each week is a good habit to get into. Remember that the OTAs reward those who keep their listings updated… With a little effort, you can be one of them!

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