VAT changes to 15% on 1 April 2018.

It’s Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day! And that’s no joke.
We try to answer your questions here so you can be prepared.

Q: Will NightsBridge automatically update everything for me on the day?

A: Unfortunately, NO. Our “automagic” powers don’t stretch that far.

The main changes will be your invoice template ONLY IF you’re already using the NightsBridge calendar to generate your invoices, you’ll change it in our Setup program so that all future invoices you generate will have the change.   (From April 1st)

If you’re using a different calendar or PMS, or use a different invoicing system like Pastel, you will of course have to make the changes in there.

Q: I’m not registered for VAT. Does this affect me?

A: No. Lucky you. Close the page and have a coffee 😉

If you want to update your rates, because you think everything else is going to become expensive, then see the links below under “HOW do I update my rates?”.

Q: WHAT do I have to change?

A1: Invoice Template (not every invoice individually).
Only needed if you actually use the invoices in the NightsBridge system. That is, if our calendar is where you generate invoices to give to your clients.

A2: You might want to change your Rates, depending on how far in the future your annual price (rate) increase is. Or wait and update your rates at the usual time. It also depends on whether you have contracted rates with your agents, fixed for a period.

See the Q&A further down the page for a guideline on how to update rates.

Q: WHEN should I make changes?

A1: Change your Invoice Template on April 1st, or before you generate your first invoice from the 1st onwards.

Q: HOW do I change my Invoice Template? (I'm using Version 5) - Setup on PC
Q: HOW do I change my Invoice Template? (I'm using Version 6) - Setup on Web
Q: Do I HAVE to change my rates?

A: This is for you to decide.

If you’re VAT registered, you will have to pay over an extra 1% of each booking total.  And if you’re not VAT registered, you might just want to wait until your annual price (rates) increase to update your rates accordingly.

If you decide to increase your rates, please read “How do I update my rates?” for guidance.

Q: HOW do I update my rates?

A:  Depending on the version of our software you’re using, choose the tutorial below.

For Version 5 [V5] –  The Setup program is on your PC
Read our tutorial: Changing / Updating your Rates

For Version 6 [V6] – The Setup program is on the Web
Read our tutorial: Changing / Updating your Rates

** Please DON’T delete and recreate your seasons to try and get “April” as the start of a new one!!  Just type your new rates in the existing season boxes. **

Read more:

Update Future Rates – including the season that contains April:

Enter your new rates for all future seasons that already have rates entered.

If the season that contains “April” has a lot of months that are already in the “past” — e.g. your season was from 1 October 2017 to 30 April 2018, change the rates in that season, as is.  Changing the rates for “old” months, will NOT affect the rates for any bookings already made (for past or future dates). Only new bookings made after your rate update change has been saved, will show the new rates.

Q: Will my NightsBridge fees change?

A: Yes. We will be adding the 1% increase in VAT to our own pricing.

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