Property Management System Connector

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We can “talk” to your existing reservation system
to pull availability and push bookings.


What You Get

Use your own system.

Availability pulled directly from your own front desk booking software. You only need to keep one system up to date. We’ll push the changes you make to online channels and put online bookings back into your own system.

No training required.

Your reservation staff continues to use your own front-office system, so there’s no big change for them. NightsBridge runs in the background, talking to your online channels or agents.

Easy connection.

If we’ve already established an integration process with the software you use, you could be connected and up and running in one day.

Link NightsBridge to your existing Front Office or
Property Management System (PMS).

You´ll quickly be ready to take online bookings.

We can connect to:

  • Semper
  • Hotelier
  • Inn Keeper
  • Guest House Manager
  • Guest Manager
  • Lodge Control
  • LodgeMan
  • Merchant
  • Odyssey
  • Activ360
  • Panstrat
  • Lodge Manager
  • Room Master
  • SAP Rapide
  • Hope
  • Novtel
  • Apex
  • ResRequest
  • Phoenix
  • Benson
  • Sky Software
  • Protel
  • Club Leisure
  • Reception Book
  • Nebula
  • Keystone
  • Opera
  • Power Guest
What Our Clients Say

As a proudly South African Guest House owner it is so nice to come across a local service provider playing in the big league of the hospitality game offering booking and interface software and a credit card payment portal which is so widely used and accepted by the likes of, Expedia and Agoda. You know a service provider offers what you want, when at month end theirs is the account you pay with pleasure! That service provider is NightsBridge, proudly South African.

Colin Atkins - Le Petit Paris

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