Google Maps: optimise your accommodation listing

It is extremely important to have a correct and complete listing of your accommodation on Google Maps as Google search results give priority to listings that are 100% complete.

The Google map (and associated listings) are very prominent in Google’s search results and many potential customers use this as a tool to search for accommodation.

The Google Maps image (and functionality) remains in the right column as the user scrolls down

There are a number of other reasons that your Google Map listing should be correct including: a large percentage of your guests use Google Maps to find their way to your property; you can add a link on your website to your property on Google Maps or embed a Google Map image; your location on Google Maps is also been integrated into Google+, Google’s social media network similar to Facebook, and adding your listing on Google Maps is free!

Follow these 10 steps to ensure that your listing is optimised.

1. Check that you have a listing on Google Maps

googlemaps_editGo to Google’s newest map tool called Google Map Maker and search for the name of your business in the search box. You can also do this via Google Maps or via Google Places.

If you are not listed, follow the easy steps provided by Google Maps to add your property.

If you are listed, you can edit your listing via Google Map Maker by clicking on the Edit link under your property. You will need to sign in using your Google account to ensure that your edits are saved.

2. Ensure that your name is exactly as it appears in the offline world

You can add additional names that are used for your business as well as your name in different languages to improve being found when users search on these variations.

3. Add all of your contact information

googlemaps_contactsIt is especially important that the phone numbers for clients are included. You can add multiple numbers. You also need to add your preferred business email address and your website address including the http://.

4. Include at least one category for your property

Lodging seems to be the most common, however, add as many as are relevant to your establishment.

5. Add your hours of operation

This will ensure that customers know when your reception is open.

6. Add payment types

You should add the payment types that you accept.

7. Add a photo


You need to add a URL or website address of an image. To do this you can right click with your mouse on the image on your website that you would like to use and select the option “Open Image in a new tab”. Copy the website address (or URL) of this image and paste it into the Google Map Maker field. You may not be able to do this with all images on your website and may have to ask your web designer to assist.

8. Add a description of your establishment

9. Add comments as to why you are editing the listing

A person at Google will review each listing and so it is important to explain that you are the owner or manager and are updating the listing.

10. Finally, click the blue save button on the top of the left column

Your edits will be saved as Pending until they are approved by a reviewer. The time taken for edits to be approved varies so keep checking until your listing is 100% complete.

We hope these steps work for your establishment. There doesn’t seem to be a standard and simple way for changes, however, we’ve found that the new Google Map Maker process is much easier than any other way. Let us know if you have any suggestions.