Front Desk Booking System

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Easy-to-use booking software.
The perfect place to put your bookings.


What You Get

See your bookings.

Enter bookings you receive via phone or email. Store guest details and notes. See at a glance which of your rooms are free. Keep track of whether bookings are waiting on deposit, confirmed or provisionally booked. Online bookings get pulled in automatically.

Track your money.

Create invoices. Add booking extras and invoice separately if you need to. See your outstanding accounts. Pull reports for in-house, arrivals and checkout. Easy view of occupancy. System audit and security. Ability to link to Pastel and Xero coming soon.

Send quotes and confirmations.

Generate instant quotes from your NightsBridge calendar to send via email . Send customised confirmation letters once guests have booked. Print customised registration forms on guest arrival. Keep in touch with your guests via marketing email lists.

We offer you a solution that is much more than a booking calendar.

It is a full front office reservation and management system,
with a useful web interface for when you’re out of the office.

The booking system provides:

Easy Booking Entry

Easily capture, move or change bookings. Instantly generate quotes to send via email. See booking status (e.g. reserved; waiting on deposit; paid) at a glance. Manage group bookings & individual invoicing for extras. Quick-view checkins and checkouts. Online bookings are automatically pulled in.

Client Information

Enter & save details for up to two guests per room. Send personalised confirmation letters on booking. Print customised registration forms for check-in. Remember the preferences of returning guests. Instantly pull in the contact details for regular clients. Produce detailed client information for marketing campaigns.

Invoices and Accounts

Ability to link to Pastel and Xero coming soon. Create invoices to customised Excel templates. Instantly generate invoices with booking information automatically added. Link multiple bookings to one account. Create separate guest invoices for extras and bookings. Enter payments to keep track of outstanding balances. Keep track of transactions for your year end.

In-House, Marketing & Management Reports

A wide range of reports help you manage your accommodation business: Outstanding invoices; Unbilled accounts; Monthly sales; Occupancy rates; Housekeeping; Arrivals/Departures; Marketing; Extras; Client lists; Security audit and many more.

View on Web or Phone

Access your front desk booking system from your cellphone, tablet or any computer with access to the internet. Keep track of your bookings and update or change them from anywhere. Even if your computer fails, we’ll have an online backup you can view immediately. Use our handy MobiBridge app on your iPhone or Android device.

Online Booking Management

Instant notifications of new online bookings via email and SMS. Online marketing channels receive availability and rate changes in realtime. Allow different staff members to access one centralised calendar, with unique passwords and audit trail.

What Our Clients Say

I love the program. It is easy to work with and you guys have really thought it through so thoroughly.

Daniele van der Hucht - The Corner House

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