Get business funding from Lulalend.

Fast access to a cash flow boost with a simple repayment plan – only repay when you get paid.

Start using PayBridge to access this unique funding offer from Lulalend.

Lulalend’s offer is available to NightsBridge properties that have been using PayBridge (our online payment gateway) for more than six months. When you apply, funding offers will be made based on your PayBridge transaction history and affordability. The repayment amount will be set at a fixed percentage of your total monthly booking income. It’s that simple.

Why choose Lulalend for business funding?

The process is quick.

No paperwork or forms. You can request funding, or ‘bridging finance’, one day and once approved have a cash advance in your property’s bank account within days.

Only pay when you get paid.

Lulalend’s offer is unique due to the innovative repayment scheme. You only pay back your funding as a fixed percentage of booking transactions processed through PayBridge each month.

Offers are guaranteed.

Since Lulalend base their funding offers on your PayBridge data you are guaranteed to receive the amount quoted. Pre-approval means no jumping through hoops is necessary.

I was surprised at how quick the process went with no hassle. It was fantastic, and perfect timing for extra cash flow. Thank you!”

Cornelis van Zyl — Treelands Estate, Abbey and Castle.

Lulalend business funding FAQs

Properties wishing to apply for business funding must have at least six months of booking payments processed through PayBridge – NightsBridge’s payment gateway. After six months properties can then submit an online application to Lulalend directly from inside NightsBridge by following a simple step-by-step process. Lulalend uses this transaction history to generate offers of funding based on affordability. Once an offer is accepted, funding transfers take place within 24hrs.

Lulalend business funding comes with a unique repayment plan. There is no need to worry about debit orders coming off your bank balance each month. Repayments are taken automatically at an agreed percentage rate of future booking payment transactions processed by PayBridge. You pay the same percentage on all PayBridge transactions. That means your repayment totals stay in line with your cash flow.

NightsBridge properties are using Lulalend’s business funding solution for quick access to working capital for the following:

  • Renovations to property e.g. new bed linen, redecorating, essential repairs, and maintenance.
  • Reducing the impact of load-shedding e.g. generators, UPS batteries, energy-storing lightbulbs…etc
  • Ease cash-flow challenges in quiet periods e.g. during low season
  • Improving guest services e.g. Upgrading room technology (WiFi, TV, and Audio)