Chat to guests
from inside your
front-desk calendar.

See a list of all your guests and message any of them, from right inside NightsBridge.

Guests can choose
WhatsApp or Web.

Invite your guests to connect via WhatsApp or online chat, eliminating phone calls and email hassles. You manage all responses from the Guest Chat hub in NightsBridge.

Carry your reception desk
in your pocket.

Stay in touch wherever you are to keep the conversation flowing and your guests happy.

Send arrival info as part of your message.

Create a great first impression with accommodation and arrival info as part of the chat invitation. Build a client relationship from the booking date.

Powerful 2-way messaging.

Guest Chat helps you to easily manage guest queries and conversations from a central hub in NightsBridge. No need to save each guest as a contact on your phone. View a guest list and chat to each one from NightsBridge.

Guests can ask and answer questions or request services. They talk on WhatsApp or Web, you ask and answer in NightsBridge. Save yourself a trip to the front desk.

Elevate your guest experience.

NightsBridge Guest Chat creates a personalised, mobile-friendly landing page (or online brochure) that allows your guests to:

  • Start a chat with you through WhatsApp or online messaging.
  • Check their booking details including arrival and departure dates.
  • View photos of your property and their room.
  • Find your property using directions on Google Maps.
  • Learn more about your property’s WiFi log-in details, entry instructions, and amenities.

Chat from inside NightsBridge.

No need to leave your booking calendar. As Guest Chat is not limited to your phone, it means more than one person can do the work.

Break down language barriers.

The built-in auto-translate feature helps you to communicate clearly with your international guests.

Easy access on multiple devices.

Multiple team members can log in and respond to guests on NightsBridge Guest Chat.

Simple monthly pricing:

Guest Chat is priced based on the number of rooms you have linked on NightsBridge.

All prices exclude VAT:

  • 1 – 5 Rooms = R195.00
  • 6 – 9 Rooms = R235.00
  • 10 – 19 Rooms = R390.00
  • 20+ Rooms = R780.00
  • 25+ Rooms = R975.00

Sign up to Guest Chat via your Links Manager in NightsBridge.