Same NightsBridge – even better.

Your new Home is here. Work even faster and find answers quicker. Scroll down to learn more.

Get the information you need when you need it.

NightsBridge Home gives you instant access to your most important information. Jump straight to your Calendar to see your bookings, go to Payments and Invoices to view transactions or open Quick View to check on what needs to be done that day.

Get more answers on the go.

You’ll find screen layouts that adapt to smartphones or tablets making it easy to keep up to date when you’re on the move. Your Payments page and Quick View screen are ready to go, with more mobile-friendly features on the way.

Everything you need – all in one place.

Home lets you manage your entire property from one central hub. Scroll down the screen to manage all aspects of your Integrations, your own NightsBridge Account, as well as your Web Content. You also have quick access to online tutorials via the Help section and Insights options to view key data. Start exploring today.

Lightning-fast booking search.

Search for any Booking ID right from your blue side menu. We’ll show you all the info for that booking: the who, where, and what, as well as the status of payments and records of transfers to your account.

Keep track of payments.

The Booking and Payment Status page gives you quick access to vital payment information. You’ll know right away if changes have been made to any bookings, who has and hasn’t paid, and where the money is. Start using it today.

A Quick View for your day ahead.

Click on the Quick View icon to get an overview of all your Recent bookings, as well as today’s Arrivals and Departures. You’ll find this helpful for quick access to booking info and guest contact details. See who has paid you or send payment and check-out links to your departing guests.