Close-out. Don’t cancel. Be ready to take future bookings.

It’s an uncertain time for everyone.  You will want to cut costs where you can. But here’s why you should not cancel or disrupt the entire marketing infrastructure you’ve spent hours setting up. (Including NightsBridge.)

This too shall pass.

Once the world gets a grip on the virus and travel bans lift, travel will recover. We’re betting on corporate travel and working hard to get more corporate booking tools connected and working even better than before. Cabin fever will have to be treated with a trip somewhere. Everyone will be about ready for a holiday. You need to be ready when travel recovers.

Tourism will be a sector that will be hardest hit in this crisis, but it will also be able to bounce back quicker. We recommend you take a breath and use this time to future-proof your business, as much as you can.

Future Availability.

Put close-outs in NightsBridge for the period you can’t take guests. This means you’re available for future bookings. You can even consider setting up specials now and encourage people to book these for a future date. Almost like a “future travel” voucher.

One of our clients is currently selling gift vouchers where you get 30% discount on your stay if you buy these before end of June. The guest can then use this voucher for bookings at any available date over the next two years.

Send an email to your regular return guests to check in with them, and to remind them that you will be open for bookings and will let them know when.

Don’t lose traction.

If you cancel your channel manager, OTA links or property management systems at this time, a lot of work will go wasted. If you want to get up and running again after the pandemic, you will have to start from scratch. Links will have to be rebuilt, content will have to be updated again. And you’ll also lose ranking on your online channels.

Rather put your effort into learning about marketing — and about using NightsBridge better. Discover some shortcuts or functionality you never had time to explore. Our blogs are the perfect place for some self-education to build your business.

Things to do in the meantime.

Join our learning & planning challenge:

  1. Commit to our challenge
  2. Your Google-My-Business Listing
  3. Go corporate
  4. Update your Room Type Information
  5. Improve your photographs
  6. Future planning with a purpose
  7. Future availability
  8. Specials & cancellation policies to get future bookings

  9. Stay in touch with your guests: email, blogs, Facebook

  10. Website Health Check
  11. Set up blog posts ahead of time
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