Show support for Health Workers through Ubuntu Beds

Ubuntu Beds is an initiative to unite hospitality businesses who have been hit by the travel bans, whose hostels, hotels, B&Bs and Guesthouses are now standing empty. Those who are able to offer hospitality in the spirit of Ubuntu to our healthcare workers and nurses, who are fighting the virus on the front line.

A Google form has been set up to populate a nationwide database of independently and group-owned beds (from the rural areas to major metropoles) and if successful, will be presented  to hospital groups, government and healthcare workers through the website

The hospitals are experiencing the calm before the storm, and are not in a position to talk price. Procurement, tender process etc takes months. For now, we are asking people who are willing to offer rooms FREE OF CHARGE to sign up using the link. They have made contact with a few funds andinvestment groups to gather support towards this initiative.

The website: will be live in the coming days. It will include an FAQ on important questions such as protecting staff; how to treat laundry, common spaces, health and safety; duration of the pandemic etc.

It would really be appreciated if you could help share the link to industry friends all over SA.

For more information contact Kim , Blake and the Ubuntubeds Team at

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