SATIB Insurance Brokers Postponements/Reducements

SATIB have taken the following actions to assist:

  • Immediately set up a COVID-19 Task Team of experts within the group
  • Set up a 24 hr COVID operations desk for clients experiencing impact of COVID in their operational environment. Numerous clients have had contact with this team who have guided them through very sensitive scenarios involving guests and staff.
  • Created a dedicated website for the industry to provide links to updated information, risk advice, resource documents for application in your work and home environments.
  • Engaging with the Executive of chosen insurance partners to explore options of alternative insurance structures, relaxed payment terms, temporary suspension of clarification around claims process and how cover responds in these extraordinary circumstances – these engagements are on-going but positive
  • Dedicated COVID email address for Account Executives to share queries and remain aligned to client needs. These FAQ’s updated on the website daily.
  • Engaging media, National Associations, applications to Government, participating in industry webinars and leadership forums as a proactive member of the tourism community to navigate the best path through this crisis.
  • Engaging with external organisations and legal experts to decipher the complexities of the situation.

They are in the process of reaching out to all their clients to look at what covers can be postponed and reduced in this time of crisis, prior to all insurers deciding on whether they are willing to give any premium deferments or holidays to the industry in general.

Visit their website for more information.

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