Keep in touch with guests through email marketing.

Email is still one of the most effective ways of getting your message to your guests. It’s not intrusive and most people check their mails fairly regularly.

Your first mail could be to guests who wanted to stay over at your establishment but then couldn’t due to circumstances.  Reassure your guests that you’re hoping to welcome them back again soon and what you’ll have to offer. Use a warm and friendly tone, as if you’re talking to them personally on the phone.

What can you mail about?

  • Send a great photo and a “wish you were here” message. Tell them you hope to see them again soon and let them know about any specials or packages you set up for after lockdown.
  • To clients who had to postpone their bookings due to the pandemic: discuss the health and safety measures you will have in place when they come to stay. Reassure them that you have them in your calendar and look forward to welcoming them on those dates.
  • Sympathise with guests who had to cancel rather than postpone. Remind them of specials you have running and let them know you would love to see them soon.
  • Reach out to previous clients to tell them how you’re approaching the lockdown and what is happening at your property and destination. Offer them a package deal or special rate if they would like to book again.

Where to get the email addresses:

Generate a Client Report from NightsBridge that shows the contact details of past and future guests. Once you have this list, you can sort it to your liking (past, Easter, future, cancelled for example), and then create a separate email for each of the groups.

Avoid spamming:

No one likes spam. Use a less-is-more approach — you don’t have to send an email every day. Be careful with your subject lines: avoid all capital letters, multiple exclamation points and words like ‘Free’, ‘Discount’, ‘Save’ or ‘Offer’ as these often gets picked up by spam filters and then won’t reach your recipient.

Which software should I use?

We use Mailchimp for all our email marketing. A free account allows you to add 2,000 contacts and send 10,000 mails per month. Setting up emails and linking them to different audiences is quite easy and user-friendly. You can even create merge tags to personalise each mail that gets sent. Find tips on how to get started on Mailchimp here.

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