Elevate your guest experience.

Instant, interactive communication with NightsBridge Guest Chat.


Guest name, contact details and booking dates are automatically added to Guest Chat.


View all your messages in a directory by guest name and room/unit on any device.


Get notified by email or WhatsApp of new messages so you can respond quickly to guest enquiries.

Immediate online chat interaction.

Guest Chat helps you to easily manage guest queries and conversations from a central hub in NightsBridge. No need to save each guest as a contact on your phone when the information you need is at your fingertips without having to ask.

Guests can ask questions or request services through the direct communication invite sent to them — replacing a phone call or a trip to the front desk. And we’ll remind you of unread messages on a WhatsApp number you provide.

An attractive landing page for booking confirmations.

A click on your chat invitation directs guests to their personalised booking showcase. Here they’ll find confirmation of their booking details, Google Maps directions and images of the room or unit they reserved. A clickable link allows your guests to start a conversation with you via WhatsApp or Webchat (if they don’t have WhatsApp installed on their phone).

Monthly pricing.

The paid version of Guest Chat is charged according to the number of rooms linked to NightsBridge.

All prices exclude VAT:

  • 1 – 5 Rooms = R195.00
  • 6 – 9 Rooms = R235.00
  • 10 – 19 Rooms = R390.00
  • 20+ Rooms = R780.00
  • 25+ Rooms = R975.00

You’ll find more information on the features and benefits included in our FAQs.

FAQs: NightsBridge Guest Chat

Guest Chat is an online messaging portal built into NightsBridge that lets properties chat with guests online. Guests can use WhatsApp or Web Chat to send quick messages to their accommodation. Properties can manage all their messages in one centralised place, on any device.

The benefits of the Guest Chat feature include:

  • It’s centralized – all your guest chats are in one place.
  • It’s accessible – messages can be accessed by multiple users, and on any device.
  • It’s automated – guest name, contact details and arrival and departure dates are added automatically.
  • It’s organised – view all your messages in a directory by name an Room or Unit.
  • It’s personal – better communication improves the guest experience.
  • It’s efficient – quicker response/turn-around times than email.
  • It makes sense – includes automatic language translation of chat messages.

NightsBridge Guest Chat starts at RXXX.XX per month. NightsBridge properties can get started simply by signing up for Guest Chat via their Links Manager.

No. If you’d prefer to manage all your guest communication on your own WhatsApp account, our website partner, Springnest offers a simple, integrated chat solution. Clicking on a button on your home page lets visitors to your site chat directly with you via WhatsApp on your preferred number.

When a guest makes an online booking, we’ll automatically send them an email letting them know the chat option is available with a link to click to get started. They can then select either WhatsApp or Web Chat to send messages to your property.

We’ll send you an email notification of new messages. And if you provide us with a phone number you can be notified via WhatsApp too.

If the guest uses the WhatsApp option to send you messages, they will receive your replies as WhatsApp notifications on their device. If they use the Web Chat option, they will get an email notification with a link, prompting them to check their Web Chat messages online.

Although WhatsApp is very popular, not all guests will use it, and some may not want to. Web Chat provides an alternative way for them to contact your property.