Cleaning & Disinfecting Suggestions: Food Services.

Whether you offer sit-down dinners, room service or breakfast you will have to take a few additional measures to protect your team and guests. Staff must be trained for minimal contact/communication during service and wear masks and possibly gloves as well.

Some suggestions from the industry below:

Your food/drink offering:

  • Do away with the welcome drink in the lobby. Your focus at this time is to limit social gatherings as far as possible.
  • If you offer a platter for a special occasion, deliver this to the room before guest arrival and make sure it is covered with plastic.
  • Try to avoid buffet-options. Or, if unavoidable, have a staff member dish up the food instead of guests handling the utensils themselves.
  • Start off with limited menus and ramp-up as you go.
  • Try to tweak the menus to include more options of cooked food rather than raw food.
  • Serve coffee/tea or drinks while wearing gloves instead of letting guests help themselves from a station set up for this.

Your dining area:

  • Consider scheduling sessions/sittings for dinners or breakfast and ask the guest which they prefer. This will help limit the number of people in your dining area at a time.
  • Adjust your table settings to have more distance between dining guests. At the same table your guests should have more than one meter separating them.
  • Encourage guests to disinfect their hands when entering and leaving the dining area. This can be done by having disinfection stations set up at the entrance and exit.
  • Provide disinfectant wipes which guests can use to clean their phone or credit cards.
  • Use disposable napkins which are pre-packed or individually packed serviettes.

Your kitchen:

  • Operational kitchens must be sanitised at regular intervals.
  • Limit the number of staff to the minimum required; staff can be organized into teams to reduce interactions between teams.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of vegetables, meats and all other materials that are required in the kitchens; use approved sanitising agents to disinfect.
  • Ensure all tools get sanitised after each use.

For useful links, industry updates, advice and answers to your COVID-19 questions,  please see our COVID-19 page.

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