What is a mobile site anyway?

Your website is set up, looking great and is fully functional with a booking link to encourage online bookings. Well done! The hard work is over now, right? Mmmm not quite…

What does my website look like on a mobile phone?

Have you tried to access your stunning site from a mobile phone’s browser? Yes, it will definitely show up. But chances are it will:

  • display pretty horribly on the screen
  • possibly not load completely or very slow
  • be missing some features that don’t translate well to mobile


The problem is the limited amount of screen space on a mobile device. The phone or tablet will either shrink everything or display it in regular size which will mean you’ll have to scroll up and down and sideways to see any of the information. All in all – not a very user-friendly experience!

The visitor who accesses your website from their mobile device most likely needs certain information fast. You need to supply this to them in a quick and easy manner. They only need the basics – information, contact details, booking link. So how do you give it to them? With a mobile site.

How does the mobile site work?

Once you have your mobile site set up (we now offer you this service through your Links Manager – see below), you receive a mobile link which your IT guy will add into the brain of your website.

What this little link does is recognize where the request is coming from. If it is from a regular computer/laptop, it shows your regular site. If it is from a mobile phone or tablet, it will show your user-friendly mobile site. Much easier to navigate, isn’t it?


Are many people accessing my site in this way?

Some statistics:

  • According to a study by Gartner – at some point in 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.
  • Google predicts that by Q2 of 2013, travel related search queries will increase by 68% from smartphones and 180% from tablets.
  • Compuware’s research showed that 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.
  • 40% of leisure travellers book using mobile browsers (TravelDailyNews).
  • 60% of smartphone bookings were for same night or next night stay.

So if you do the math you are potentially losing a lot of business if you don’t offer your clients a mobile-friendly experience.

The NightsBridge/Wetu mobile solution

Should you be interested in getting a mobile site for your company, please follow these 2 steps:

  1. Update your property content with additional photographs and facilities (Web Info >> Wetu link. Or see our previous blog post about it here).
  2. Click on LINK ME next to Mobile Website (Wetu) in your Links Manager – pricing & all extra information are available here.