Industry insights: learning from our clients

Those shoes are made for walking…

We recently started a program to get our friendly support consultants and techies out from behind their desks and telephones — and into a guest house or B&B for a day.

We’re trying to get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the day-to-day running of an establishment (for those of us who’ve never worked in a guest house or hotel before). The brief is to really get involved in the work that happens on a daily basis, so we can better understand the challenges facing owners and managers.

By walking in your shoes for a day, we hope to gain some insights to help us advise and support our clients even better.

Ferozah Peck, who’s been with NightsBridge for almost four years, was one of the first consultants to set off on her mission. She really got into the spirit of things! From serving breakfast, to carrying suitcases, to helping with last-minute preparations for a renovated room that was being occupied that night, she had quite a day.

Ferozah Peck from NightsBridge with the Medindi Manor team.

“I was expecting a quiet and uneventful day and to my surprise, it turned out to be very busy”, says Ferozah.

“When I arrived, the manager on duty for the day was at Claremont hospital, as one of the guests had fallen and hurt herself very badly. Once she returned from the hospital, there was a long list of queries to be dealt with: an online shopping delivery which didn’t include the breakfast muffins; large group bookings; a guest arriving unusually early for her stay needing to book in and rush off again for an urgent meeting (with directions on how to get there) — and on and on.

I was impressed with how friendly and calm everyone stayed, no matter what they had to deal with. All the staff say they love working at Medindi Manor.

They displayed exceptional care for the welfare of their guests. That could be the reason why 50% of their guests are return customers. They make guests feel at home and they always know the reasons for the guests’ stay. They’re ready to provide assistance, be it hiring a taxi, printing directions from Google, suggesting what SA medication is available for ailments, or sending flowers to their guest in hospital.”

In this age of digital media where everyone talks about and to each other, we think top customer service is one of the best strategies to make you stand out from the crowd.

We’ll keep you up to date on how the other visits go and hand on some of the tips we pick up from your colleagues in the industry.
So far, we’d like to say:

Wow! We’re in awe of what you achieve every day.

Service with a smile indeed.