TripAdvisor Reviews directly on your booking engine

NightsBridge now brings you a way to show off your TripAdvisor Reviews directly on your NightsBridge booking form.


Through our special partnership with TripAdvisor, NightsBridge is able to show your reviews in a tab on your booking engine, without the site visitor needing to click out – and away – to TripAdvisor.

This means you will not lose any direct business from your booking form, while being able to give your potential client the chance to read opinions about your property (which they would have gone to do on TripAdvisor anyway).

80% of people read 6 – 12 reviews on TripAdvisor (the world’s biggest travel website) before deciding on a property to book.

How Do I Activate The TripAdvisor Tab?

You will find the Show TripAdvisor option in your Owner’s Login under Settings >>  General Settings.

Tick the ‘Show TripAdvisor’ box and click on Save.