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What you get

TripAdvisor Reviews

A review request email can automatically be sent to guests who left your property a week ago. No admin or follow-up needed from your side!

Instant Bookings

Capture direct bookings on the world’s largest travel site. As Premium TripAdvisor Partner we help you to sell your accommodation on TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Widget

Keep your visitors on your site. Display your reviews directly on your website or NightsBridge booking form with no need to click away to TripAdvisor.

Instant Booking through TripAdvisor

Instead of booking through an online travel agent linked to TripAdvisor, you can now take direct bookings from TripAdvisor via your NightsBridge integration. It’s called Instant Booking and with no risk, no commitment and no upfront payment, it’s the easiest way to get direct bookings through TripAdvisor. This is the site that drives the most traffic directly to accommodation websites. This way, you can capture the booking directly even earlier in the process.

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Automated Review Requests

The way to improve your ranking on TripAdvisor is to make sure you have lots of reviews and that they are regularly added. Our automated review request system reminds your guests to review your property while the experience is still fresh in their mind. We’ll send an automated request on your behalf 7 days after the guest’s departure. Clients who’ve used this feature have reported great results in improved rankings and more bookings.

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TripAdvisor Review Widget

Via NightsBridge, you can add your latest TripAdvisor reviews directly to your online booking engine as an additional tab. It’s another way to convince your potential guests to commit to the booking there and then. Best of all, the widget keeps clients on your booking form, since it doesn’t need to click out to the main TripAdvisor site to display the reviews.

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What The Experts Say

More than half of travelers won’t commit to a booking until they read reviews.

Independent PhoCusWright study prepared for TripAdvisor - December 2013

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