How to increase bookings using TripAdvisor Reviews


Results of online travel customer research by Olery

Managing online reviews about your accommodation establishment has become vitally important to the success of your business.

Recent research, including over 50,000,000 reviews on 100 review sites, showed that 81% of travelers find user reviews important and that nearly half of all travelers (49%) won’t book a property without a review.

This research also showed that the top review site by number of reviews is TripAdvisor with over 60,000,000 reviews. TripAdvisor also report that 56 million people use their site each month. Find out more about this research conducted by a company called Olery.

Top 10 review website by number of reviews.

Top 10 review website by number of reviews.

To ensure that customers are more likely to book your rooms, it is vital that you encourage, monitor and respond to reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as other major channels like

Improving your ranking

Encouraging your guests to review your property will improve your Popularity Index (ranking) on TripAdvisor. The Popularity Index of a hotel is important because the closer it is to No. 1, the more likely it is that travelers will see the property when they search in the area. The three primary factors that have an impact on the popularity are:

  • Quality of Reviews
  • Quantity of Reviews
  • Age of Reviews (Recent reviews carry more weight in the ranking, while older reviews count for less over time)

Systematically encouraging your guests to post reviews will have a positive impact on the quantity and freshness of your hotel’s reviews on TripAdvisor.

What about bad reviews?

This seems to be everyone’s nightmare. In fact, the majority of reviews on TripAdvisor  are positive. And the research shows when a manager responds to a negative review, 78% of readers say it makes them think highly of the hotel. Responding to reviews shows potential customers that guests are important to you and that you take a keen interest in your business. It means you take the time to listen and respond to your guests’ needs.

Tips on responding to reviews

Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Register for free as a business owner on TripAdvisor via Once you register, you’ll get an email notifying you each time a review is added. You can choose to respond via your management centre. Once you register, you can also add more images and update your business details, which means your property profile looks more attractive.
  2. Read all reviews. Even five star reviews may include items that you need to take note of and respond to.
  3. There’s no need to respond to every positive review, but do take the time to thank some of your guests for their positive feedback.
  4. When responding to negative comments try to treat the guest with respect and keep your response as short as possible.
  5. Respond on the same platform. Always respond where your guest made the comment or criticism — that is, don’t send a personal email to respond to a question. Other readers will not know you communicated personally and will just view it as no response.

A great article with good tips on how to respond to just about every type of comment you may get, is on Daniel Edward Craig’s website: From Pricing Complaints to Personal Attacks: How to Respond to Challenging Guest Reviews

We also suggest that you read the TripAdvisor guidelines for their suggestions.