Scam Alert! Suspicious short notice bookings

thiefOne of our West Coast properties recently told us how they were robbed of valuables by seemingly ‘important’ musicians.

“We had a gent who phoned us, acting as the manager for two gentlemen flying down from Jo’burg. They paid by credit card before arrival, and were dropped off by a ‘chauffeur’ who would later return to collect them again for a ‘gig’. They did not have too much luggage but were definitely carrying firearms in the bags.

All of our guests who stay for longer periods gets a remote to access the farm. As they booked for a longer period we gave them a remote as well. On the very same evening one of the other guests came to call us saying they saw ‘gents’ carrying a TV out of the house. As we got to the room it was cleaned out along with some other valuables from the house itself!

We thought we had procedures in place to prevent this from happening… After this incident however, here’s our advice:

  • Be very careful with short notice bookings!
  • Check the name of the guest booking in and verify their name on the internet as well. Someone might have possibly reported some names as ‘serial villains’.
  • If anything in the e-mail looks suspicious, trust your instincts!

The credit card used for the booking was traced back to a person in Ireland, and the ID was altered so that it fitted the name on the credit card – so beware of that.”

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