More tips on great content for your accommodation business

As we discussed in Why your accommodation business needs rich content, rich content is very important in all your online marketing efforts.

With printed content you work on it once and leave it at that. Online content is more like a living, breathing sales person for your property. It is your job to make sure your ‘sales person’ is updated, polished and creates a great impression.

Let’s discuss a few more tips on upgrading what you have online at the moment:

1. Feel free to brag a bit

Did you get a great comment on TripAdvisor or in your guest book? Share, share, share! Potential guests might be swayed by positive experiences of other people who’ve been there and done that. Post this on your website and on Facebook & Twitter.

2. Images and video

This can’t be said too many times – a visitor to your site will immediately create an impression of your business from what they see. Show people enjoying your facilities or add photographs of your staff to show the guest who will be assisting them. All these little things matter.

You can now add more photographs to your current NightsBridge content. Add up to 6 property pictures and even pictures for each of your room types. Simply log on to your Owner’s Login (top right on and click on Web Info to be guided to the Wetu link.


3. Copy

  • Write in first person: to connect with your readers use “I”, “we” and “you”.
  • Keep content up to date: Change what you have regularly.
  • Spelling & grammar: Make sure there are no errors – use spell check.
  • Paragraphs: Brief (1-4 sentences). No long blocks of text!
  • Lists: Bulleted & numbered so it is easy to read.
  • Sentence length: Keep it short (10 words or less).
  • Relevant text: The text contains key words related to your business, products and services so Google ranks your site well. Remember search engines will reward you for offering updated information, and rank you higher.
  • Professional but friendly: overly formal language can be tiring to read.

Hopefully you’re convinced to go dust off your online presence – let us know if you have any other tips!