Join our social media journey

bandwagonWe’re guilty as charged… We’ve attended the E-Tourism Frontiers seminars, we’ve read the articles and we’ve registered the Facebook and Twitter accounts. But have we really embraced this thing called Social Media? Not yet.

It takes time, you see. And that is something we all have in short supply. As a guest house or B&B owner, we know you’re under the same pressure. Like us, you’ve heard about all the things you could and should do to improve your ratings and rankings, but the big question is: How?

What we’d like to do in this new blog, is to take you on a journey with us to explain what Social Media is and exactly how you can use it. In simple language. With basic steps.

In addition, we hope the blog will also become a useful resources site to get ideas and tips on improving your business. We have some fabulous guest bloggers lined up who are happy to share their tips for success in many different areas: from search engine optimisation for your web site;  to pesky accounting questions; or how to keep your breakfast menu interesting.

We look forward to chatting on a regular basis. Let us know what you would like to read about here.

Image credited to Matt Hamm on Flickr