International exposure is easier than you think

channelsManaging an accommodation establishment is hard work. Between housekeeping, purchasing, financials and customer service you might battle to find time for marketing efforts at all, never mind getting your name into line of sight of the internet-browsing potential client. Of course, various channels are available through which you can do this, but updating and maintaining each of these simply becomes too much to deal with on a daily basis.

One click provides global exposure:

NightsBridge offers you a one-stop shop where you update your details and availability and the system pushes this information through to any channel you are linked to through it. Some of the larger international channels include Expedia, Venere,, Agoda and

Plus there are almost 200 additional channels to choose from, which in turn means your establishment appears to and is immediately bookable by thousands of online travellers.

No more double bookings because you forgot to take a room off a channel.
No more continuous updating of details and availability.
NightsBridge saves you time and money – two very precious assets in your line of work.

Did you know?

As a NightsBridge customer you are able to request links to channels through the Links Manager on your Webview. After paperwork and acceptance, these channels will automatically be updated every time you synchronize NightsBridge.


Should you enter a manual walk-in booking and synchronize straight after that, this room will be blocked on all channels you are linked to.

Potential clients from all over the world have access to your real-time live availability, and can book there and then. This will then once again be reflected onto your NightsBridge calendar at your next synchronization.

The commission debate

Yes, some of these channels will charge you commission and you might feel a bit hard done by this fact. Keep in mind – they do the hard work for you!

  • These channels spend a huge amount of money on advertising and SEO to ensure their sites show up first on search engines and therefore capture the bulk of the traffic. This provides a huge benefit to you when linked to them.
  • Potential guests are more likely to find you through a channel and should they enjoy their stay, they will return and probably book directly through you the next time around. Read more on Getting Your Guests to Come Back Again & Again.
  • NightsBridge tries to connect with channels that charge commission rather than an upfront fee. This means you get immediate value for your marketing spend, since you do not pay anything unless the site actually produces a booking for you. You only pay commission for actual bums in beds.
  • Channels usually also have an extensive distribution network of their own – is linked to  4 000 partner websites worldwide, and Expedia has 13 000 global affiliate sites. This once again grows the distribution tree for your establishment.
  • The ‘Billboard Effect‘ – a potential guest might come across your establishment name listed on a channel, but will then switch to a search engine to find your website directly and book through it.  It is important to then have a direct booking button on your site. Other helpful tips on improving your website can be found here.

It has never been easier to get your establishment listed on the websites of hundreds of online travel agents. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As they say – the more hooks you have in the water, the more fish you’ll catch!