Improve visibility and bookings from partner sites

topmarketingchannelsYou have set up your property with to the various sites available via NightsBridge and added the booking button to your website. Now what? How can you get more bookings?

Remember that your business is competing with hundreds of other properties that may have more convenient locations, competitive prices and larger marketing budgets. If the bookings don’t just come streaming in, you may have some work to do on how you present yourself online. Here’s some tips from a few of our partner sites to improve your visibility on their websites and hopefully increase the number of bookings.

The most important item noted by all of our partners is to ensure that you upload appealing photographs of your property. Many also encourage you to add more images using their photo gallery functionality. “Ensuring that you have high quality, professional pictures will correlate directly to increased bookings. We know from our website statistics that a good set of photos can more than double your enquiry rate” says Marcel van de Ghinste, Director of When you are choosing your images remember that you are selling what the guest is going to experience, not just the facilities on site.

The same goes for the descriptions that you use. Remember, you are selling a dream to your potential guests. Partners including and also encourage you to promote nearby activities and attractions. Guests are not only visiting your property but also the surrounding area so you want to give them as many reasons to visit as possible.

Michelle from says to focus on your room descriptions, as these are becoming more and more important for guests who want to confirm a booking real-time. Ensure each room’s details are clear and correct (maximum number of guests, whether children are allowed, whether a minimum stay applies, etc). Photos of each room and its amenities are also a must to give guests a clear idea of the accommodation. These photographs are always best in landscape format, as opposed to portrait (which tends to distort on many sites).

Also recommend, when guests make an enquiry, be sure to respond to them as quickly as possible.

According to Rupert Bryant of, a great way to make your listing stand out, and attract more bookings is by including as many features as possible. For example: Wifi internet is a must, and we find the most requested feature is on-site parking and the fastest growing feature is pet-friendly accommodation.

Reviews are becoming  more important, as guests rely on the experience of other visitors to your property. Encouraging guests to write reviews on sites such as and RoomsforAfrica also helps — not only to promote your property to potential guests, but also to improve the position of your listing.

Another way to improve your listing is by offering competitive rates, specials and packages. Many potential guests are looking for the best value for money.

The tips mentioned above should be easy to implement, will improve your listing and help to generate more bookings with partner sites. Don’t forget that it is in the best interests of these websites for you to do well and they will provide guidelines on optimally using their sites. You can also contact NightsBridge for support via email and telephone.