Facebook tips from Khweza B&B: Nairobi, Kenya

Sally Kariuki from Khweza B&B uses the NightsBridge Book Now Button on Facebook

Sally Kariuki from Khweza B&B uses the NightsBridge Book Now Button on Facebook

Sally Kariuki, director of Khweza B&B and a NightsBridge client, has been very successful on Facebook in getting followers and generating bookings. We asked her to share her thoughts and tips about how she uses Facebook to market and sell her establishment. This is what Sally had to say:

How long have you been using social media for your business and what made you start using it?
I started using social media in April 2009, which is when we opened Khweza B&B. I was trying to maximize on inexpensive marketing tools to promote Khweza, before going to the more expensive ones. Facebook is free, so I grabbed the opportunity!

What have you found to be the biggest impact of using social media?
I love the viral effect of social media. One moment you have 100 followers, the next 500 and the number keeps growing without much effort on my part. It’s free publicity.

When did you add the NightsBridge Book Now button to your Facebook page and what has been your experience in using this?
I added the NightsBridge Book Now Button on Facebook around November 2010. The setup was quite straight forward. The statistics show that I get traffic every month to the NightsBridge link via Facebook. I believe, even if I only got one booking per month (and I actually get more), it’s worth it, because that is a booking that I would not have had if the button was not there.

What type of content do you find suits your Facebook fans best?
I find that fans like to see photos, especially of other guests having a good time at Khweza, or enjoying one of the safaris that Khweza organizes. Basically they like to see what is offered at the property.

How regularly do you post this content?khwezafb
I try to post at least once a week, when I can.

How much time do you spend on Facebook each week?
About 2-3 hours a week.

Do you manage the page or does one of you team do this?
I manage the page with the help of one other member of staff.

If a member of your team manages it, did they require training and if so how did you do this?
She did not require training, though I usually guide her on the type of posts to put on our page.

Do you have any tips for other NightsBridge customers using Facebook?
A customer should have the option to book your hotel at any point while researching about the hotels that they want to go to. I have realized that if the customer finds it difficult to make a booking when they are ready to do so, they will quickly move on to the next property where they can book immediately and receive an immediate confirmation.

How long have you been using NightsBridge and what is the best feature for your business?
I have used NightsBridge for about 2 ½ years now.

The best feature is the ability for the customer to make a booking immediately and receive a confirmation. Most online shoppers require immediate feedback and are not patient enough to send an email and wait for hours or sometimes days to receive a reply.

The fact that the customers can pay by credit card and in advance is also a big plus to our business. It reduces the need to carry a lot of physical cash and it is also advantageous to the hotel because we receive payment in advance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sally! We hope Khweza will continue growing from strength to strength.

If you’re a NightsBridge client or accommodation owner, we’d like to hear your thoughts and tips on how Facebook has worked for your accommodation business. Please post your comments below or add them to our NightsBridge Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/nightsbridge).