Facebook: the NightsBridge BookNow Button

lookoutYes, it’s true! NightsBridge has created a great app for Facebook that allows you to take online bookings directly from your Facebook page.

You can add the BookNow Button to your Facebook page by following the simple instructions from our page.

Click here to Add a BookNow Button:

It’s important to understand the difference between pages and profiles on Facebook – and to know that Facebook’s terms of service require business to have pages, and individuals to have profiles.

Create your profile first, in your own name. (Use your existing individual profile if you have one.) Then go to the facility on Facebook that allows you to create a Page.

Click here to Create Your Facebook Page

You then become the administrator of your Facebook page. This means you still log in to Facebook on your normal password to manage your friends and your personal profile, but will have access to your business page for your B&B or Guest House to edit and manage that one for clients.

Several of our clients have already installed and found it quite easy. But we’re here to help if you get stuck!