Facebook page vs Facebook profile

What’s the difference between a page and a profile?

Here’s an example:

Evert van Eeden (person = profile) manages the Baluleni Safari Lodge Page (business = page). He mentions the business on both timelines and newsfeeds, but when he acts on Facebook as Baluleni (rather than Evert) the name “Baluleni Safari Lodge” appears in the comment, post or “Like”, which means the business name gets a lot more attention.


This is Evert’s personal profile on Facebook, linked to his friends.


Evert administrates the Facebook PAGE for Baluleni. Fans can Like this page and they can Book Online.

We notice that a lot of our clients interact from their individual Facebook profiles and we’re wondering why? Is it just easier to use?

Our research shows that Facebook is trying to keep profiles tied to individuals, and have businesses set up pages. But why go through all the trouble to create a page?’

Pages can be seen by anyone, display more information and even get you some bookings!  If you install the NightsBridge BookNow Button onto your page, you will have a fully functional booking engine available to any visitor to your page.  They can search your availability and make a confirmed booking without even venturing off to any other site. Here’s how you do it : The NightsBridge BookNow Button

Your brand is important

Your Facebook page is branded with your name, logo and cover photograph that immediately tells people about your brand and its personality. When you interact or comment while using Facebook as your page, your business name will immediately get more exposure and visibility.

A page is [ublic

Anyone can see the information on a page and interact with it. From this point of view, the page is much more like a web site on Facebook. On your personal profile you might want to choose your friends and limit the number of people who can see your posts. (Wanting to keep some things private on your own profile is another reason to ensure that your business has its own page.)

Pages have useful tools

You can add Apps to your page, like the NightsBridge one we mentioned above. There are also many other clever applications that can make your Facebook page more interactive and informative to users. You could run contests, embed social media and issue coupons or discount codes, to mention a few examples.

A page can be a team effort

If you have a profile as an individual, you can use it to set up your business page. You don’t need to create a new or separate identity on Facebook.

A quick tip: if you use your own profile to set up your business page, you can easily switch between the two identities, depending on whether you’re posting to a friend, or in a business environment. Just click on the down-arrow next to Home on your Facebook page, and then select from the options under “Use Facebook as…” e.g. as yourself; or as your business.

However, a page can be managed by more than one person, if you give them access (permission on Facebook to be an administrator) once they “like'” your business page. This ensures your colleagues (or significant other) can help you run your page or comment on questions posted.

Pages can give you stats

insightsWith the Insights tool on Facebook pages, it is much easier to measure how your page is doing in terms of likes, views and shares. You can monitor comments, see the demographics of your average fan and start to understand your market better. You can also measure the effectiveness of your status updates by seeing the amount of impressions (people looking or reading the post) versus the feedback (comments or Likes).

Search engine impact

This is a biggie! Facebook pages are indexed by search engines, which means your online marketing reach is suddenly much bigger.


Facebook offers a number of ways to advertise your business through use of their Sponsored Stories or Facebook Adverts. This can only be used by a page, and not by a profile or group. Some NightsBridge clients have reported great results in using Facebook ads.

As you can see, creating a Facebook page could be very beneficial to your business.  Keep using your personal profile if you are the “Face” of your business. But add a Page and make sure that you interact between the two, so you don’t have to recreate all your content.

Please let us know about your thoughts and experiences with both the Facebook page and Facebook profile – what works best for you?