Facebook and Twitter time saving tips

Post images of views in your area, or the events and activities in your area. Who doesn’t love a cute meerkat?

Engaging with potential and past guests on various social media networks can take time — which we know is in short supply. At NightsBridge we like to save you time and effort, so here are some tips to make it quicker and easier to manage Facebook and Twitter.

Tip: Post lots of lovely images

People love photos. Images are by far the most popular content on Facebook. Make sure you add pictures of your property, your view, the local area, events and other eye-catching images. If you talk about what a beautiful, sunny day it is in your town, post a photo to illustrate your point. Take the photos yourself or use images posted by others on Facebook.

facebook_shareTip: Use the Facebook share functionality

Sharing images posted by others saves you lots of time. To share these images click the “Share” link. In the pop-up window, add your own text and then click the blue “Share photo” button. Easy! The image and text will be added to your page.

Tip: Post when your audience is most likely to read

facebook_dayA study by Kissmetrics revealed that the best time to post on Facebook is on a Saturday and the best time to share is around mid day. The best time to tweet is reportedly around 5pm. However, take a look at whom you’re trying to reach, who’s following you and think where most of your guests live (e.g. West coast of America wakes up when we start winding down) to decide when to tweet . Use Facebook insights (on your admin page) to see when your users respond best and post your updates at those times.

Tip: Register for a free Crowdbooster account

They will send you weekly updates via email, with metrics and helpful tips, including the best times to reach your audiences on both Facebook and Twitter. One account each for Twitter and Facebook can be included for free. Sign up on crowdbooster.com.

Tip: Schedule content in advance

facebook_scheduleFacebook has very useful scheduling functionality. This allows you to add content and images in advance and define the date and time they should be posted to your page. Click on the clock on the bottom left of the content area (shown by the red arrow on the image) to access this useful tool.

Tweets can also be easily scheduled using tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

Tip: Respond to people in your own style

Your interactions with your fans and followers should be the same as their experience at your accommodation. Don’t let technology get in the way. Be yourself! Use the “voice” you would use when you chat to guests at your guest house or B&B.

You can install Facebook and Twitter on your smartphone so you can check on comments or new posts while you are on the move. Try to respond quickly to questions. Always respond in the place where the comment is made. E.g. answer Facebook comments on Facebook. Don’t send a private email as a response to a question, because other people looking at the profile will be unaware of the fact that you answered. They might have the same question or concern.

We hope these tips are useful. Please share your own tips for accommodation owners by commenting here or on our NightsBridge Facebook fan page.