Encouraging direct bookings

Direct bookings save you 3rd party commission and adds directly to your profit – something all of us can do with! Encouraging new or returning guests to rather take the direct route should be high on your priority list. Let’s discuss a few tips in this regard.

For a steady stream of direct bookings, your property has to grow its presence on search engines, social media, review sites and mobile platforms. Take a few minutes to review your establishment on all of these.

Make booking easy on your website


  • Make your reservations button the obvious choice! Increase its size, choose a colour that will stand out. Make sure your button is above the fold of the screen – most people will not scroll down further.
  • Do not confuse a visitor to your site with multiple choices. The saying goes: “A confused mind does not decide”. Rather remove most options, and make the one you would like to be picked the most obvious.
  • Remember to monitor your statistics on your site and see if you can pinpoint where you lose visitors. Then make a plan to keep them there!

Use online reviews to increase bookings

Studies show that 81% of travellers find online reviews important, which is why you should make an effort to encourage these and respond to reviews made.

Positive reviews about your establishment have the potential to sway a potential client towards booking with you. Your calm and reassuring comments on a more negative review will also make readers think highly of the hotel and its management.

Use the NightsBridge Automated Review Request service to ensure a steady stream of current reviews, which improves your ranking on Tripadvisor.


Can people who access your website from a mobile device easily get to the most important information?

Can they check live availability and book immediately?

If you are not geared up for this yet, we have the perfect solution.  NightsBridge now also offers a mobile website with a mobile booking form included in the package. And it’s beautiful!  Simply tick the Mobile Web Site (Wetu) link on your Links Manager to get going.

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