Earn commission by offering activity options

Guests checking into your establishment will most certainly also be looking for a fun activity to do in your area while they’re there. As always, NightsBridge makes your life easier by giving your guest a chance to book things to do straight after their confirmed booking with you. All in one easy step with all bookings and availability online.

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The best part of it – you EARN COMMISSION for providing your guests with these activity options – it is a win-win situation.
It is completely FREE to sign up for.  Simply go to your Links Manager on Webview and click the FunGuru Activities box.

NightsBridge.com > Owner’s Login > Links Manager > FunGuru Activities

Once you activated this channel, three  ActivityBridge activities within a radius of 100km from your establishment will appear as teasers at the end of your booking form.
NB – This will only appear after the booking has been confirmed, so a potential guest won’t wander off before securing his/her booking with you.

Where do the activities come from?

NightsBridge launched a sister company, ActivityBridge last year which provides exactly the same functionality to activity providers as NightsBridge does to accommodation providers. These providers can upload all of their individual activities, including time slots, rates etc onto the system, and this can be checked and booked live at any time of the day or night.

We check where these activities are hosted, and if they are within 100km from your establishment, a teaser to this will pop up at the end of your confirmed booking form after you activated the channel. If the guest goes on to make a booking through this teaser, we pay you 5% of the value of the activity as a referral commission.

We created a cross-selling activity platform called FunGuru which will control all funds and pay out commissions and activity payments to all parties involved with the booking. They will also provide support to both establishments and guests.

Connect Now – Why Wouldn’t You?

Go to nightsbridge.co.za > Owner’s Login > Links Manager to activate this feature.
Click on Funguru Activities — it’s the 2nd link from the top. Can’t remember how to get to Links Manager? Click here > http://bit.ly/accesslinksmanager