Scam Alert! Avoiding an email scam

Email scams find their way into hundreds of inboxes daily.  We even receive a few of them in ours!  Here’s what to look out for….


  • Scammers usually will not direct an e-mail to your establishment individually – look out for generic greetings like “Hello Dear”.
  • They will insist on paying by credit card only.
  • The quotations requested are for a longer period – thereby making the booking sound very attractive.
  • No guest names are mentioned, or location, or the name of your property.
  • Once you reply and start interacting to secure the reservation, they’ll introduce the problem: Usually involving a 3rd party who needs to get paid. Their solution: they pay all the money to you and you pay the other suppliers — via a bank transfer, usually. And this is of course how they catch you out!! You transfer real cash — and their cheque or credit card turns out to be fake or stolen, so the money gets reversed our of your account.

Here are example emails and more details:  Click for Scam Spotting Tips

The Most Important Tip to Remember:

NEVER refund money via EFT if received through another channel. Rather cancel the cheque or cancel the credit card payments received