Introducing ActivityBridge


ActivityBridge launch

activitybridgecoverWe did it! There’s another Bridge on the Block:

At last week’s Indaba in Durban, we launched our latest product: ActivityBridge. Two years in the making, it provides online distribution, booking and payment services for activities, events and fixed-departure tours.

Many people asked us if they could use the NightsBridge software for activities, since there is such a need for realtime online booking. However, activity providers and tour operators have such different requirements from accommodation suppliers, that we couldn’t just adapt our existing system. We chose instead to write a tailor-made solution, which required a lot of research and development.

tfp_shingwedziSo whether you’re offering donkey-cart rides in the Karoo, a once-off event at your restaurant or lodge, or a 5-day trip up the Garden Route, we can assist with both a management system for your business, as well as the ability to offer realtime booking.

The results speak for themselves and the client feedback so far is great.

Transfrontier Parks Destinations have put live activities like hiking; canoe; wilderness and 4×4 trails on their site.

You might have already seen the picture of an excited Sally & Barbara at Indaba, who put live some of the things to do in the Cape Point Route. Take a look at the Horse Riding option on Noordhoek Beach, or Shark Cage Diving under their Activities menu.


The booking form for the horse riding on Noordhoek Beach now live on


Sally and Barbara of Cape Point Route celebrate their ActivityBridge links going live with Neil at Indaba.

What’s in it for you?

The idea with ActivityBridge is to offer you, the accommodation provider, the opportunity to promote activities in your area, by making them part of your online booking process. This means you will have the opportunity to earn commission, as guests get the option to book activities.

After all, no one books a holiday just to sleep, no matter how fine the linen is. Everyone wants to DO something!

But FIRST — we need the activities to sign onto

Which activities do you recommend to your guests? Let us know who your favourite providers are, so we can sign them up for you to book online.

Click here to contact us or email “info at”.

We see a great partnership between our accommodation and activity providers in the future, in terms of cross-marketing opportunities.

There is still a lot of work to do to make this vision a reality, but it will be a great step forward for marketing your wonderful destinations, with all they have to offer: from the great places to stay which are already bookable online, to now offering a booking system for the exciting things you can do while you’re there.