5 ways to get your website to work for you

Your establishment website probably cost you a lot of money to put in place, and in return it should provide a return on this investment by earning income!  We share 5 tips on making your site work harder.


1. Don’t over-SEO

Take a careful look at the first impression your site creates. Who is the site aimed at? Is it overpopulated with search terms for SEO?  Remember, it is not Google that will come to stay! Sure you want the search engines to guide people to your site, but visitors will pick up on this and might get irritated by overuse of certain phrases.

Your site should be aimed at getting 3 important factors across in the shortest possible time:
1. Location
2. Comfort and
3. Value

2. Show, don’t tell

As in our previous blog post we advise that you use large photos that showcase what you have to offer. Research has shown that a website has only 3 seconds to convince a visitor to buy. If your site does not impress them in this time, they will move on. Utilize videos that translate emotions and the unique experiences only found at your establishment.


3. Speed up

Check with your web designer that your images are compressed so that they will load fast. If you have a slow-loading site it will not only lose the interest of potential guests, but it can also influence your rankings in search engines as Google picks up on site speed and uses that in one of their algorithms.

4. Avoid navigation headaches

Is it easy for a visitor to your site to find quick information about your rooms and facilities?  Make it simple for a potential guest to get the information they want and then book directly while they are interested.

Avoid confusing drop-down menus, sub-menus and unrecognizable terms.  Stick with what your visitor knows – he/she is used to certain terms on certain sites, so rather use these.

Avoid background music, animation or videos that start when the site is opened. Pop-up advertisements can also distract from your message.


5. Let them book!

Make sure that your Book Online buttons are clear and easy to find. Remember this is where your website will make money for you.  If you go through all the trouble of presenting your accommodation in a great light you need to convert this into bookings!

Alternatively, make sure you have other calls to action – are your contact details clear and easy to find?  Can visitors to your site just click on a link to send an e-mail to you?  If it is a mobile site, can they click on a number to call you directly?  Make sure you have contact information on each of your pages, and not just hidden away in a tab.

Some NightsBridge Clients with sites that convert to bookings:

Aan De Oever – Swellendam


  • Large, impressive photographs
  • Warm, welcoming colour scheme
  • Easy navigation on right hand side
  • Online Booking prominent in navigation menu
  • Check Availability on first page
  • Special offered stands out on main page

Middedorp Manor, Stellenbosch


  • Two main focal points on top right – TripAdvisor reviews and book online link
  • Inviting photograph
  • Easy navigation strip across top
  • Special indicated on first page